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Next Level
Industry Excellence

USA Mortgage is a full service mortgage bank with an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. With that vision in mind, no part of the mortgage process with USA Mortgage is outsourced or brokered.


That results in our clients receiving constant communication from our mortgage professionals, to a degree that few firms, if any, can duplicate.

The foundation of USA Mortgage is accountability.


To this day Douglas A. Schukar, the owner, President and CEO of the company, continues to originate loans.


The mentality of never being too far removed from the customer journey is what continues to run deeply in the beliefs of the company, supporting USA Mortgage’s pursuit of excellence.


The genuine involvement of USA’s leadership team in the day-to-day business practices of the business ensures USA will continually improve and grow to meet customer and partner needs.

Presence in 
the Industry

Jo-Ann (GI Jo) M Humphrey

I joined USA Mortgage because of the hands on approach by leadership, their commitment to excellence, and serving in our communities supporting charities!


Likewise, my life is dedicated to serving my country, communities, citizens, businesses, families, and individuals!


My background brings a wealth and depth of knowledge in the financial industry from serving as a CFO, custom designing financial software, wealth management, insurance, tax, financial crime / money laundering investigations, internal auditor, federal auditor, and analyzing and creating lean processes and procedures.

  • Served in the US Army and am a Persian Gulf War Veteran

  • Served in local government for over 20 years (CFO of the County Sheriff's Office, CFO of the Common Pleas Court System, Internal Auditor and more)

  • CPA Practice serving businesses, individuals, and as a project CFO

  • Serve as a Crushing Crime Crusader investigating money laundering, fraud, financial crimes, and human trafficking; after they find the surface fraud or financial crime, because of the depth of knowledge and my hands on experience, the insight my background brings to uncover the millions of dollars left uncovered by other analyst are brought to the surface!  

  • Phoenix Police Department Motorist Assist Program Volunteer

  • It has been an honor to be recognized for my contributions in assisting victims of crime with the Community Service Award and receiving the COPS Volunteer Excellence Award


Let me be your advocate!  It would be a honor to serve you and your family in your lending needs!


Matthew 20:26    

          "...Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant..."

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