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What You Should Know

My goal is to ensure my clients are satisfied and totally onboard with our service and process!


If something isn’t clear after going through my site,

take a look at these commonly asked questions regarding mortgages, refinancing, and other related subjects.


Still can’t find what you need?

Feel free to contact me for more assistance and information.

Sign the Lease

What do I need to submit for a Pre-Approval?

The difference between pre-qualifying and pre-approval:

Pre-qualifying gives you an idea of how large a loan you'll likely qualify for, based on borrowed provided information.

Pre-approval speeds up the purchasing process, a conditional commitment to actually grant you the mortgage.

For a pre-approval, a mortgage application will need submitted along with:

1. Paystubs for 30 days for all borrowers

2. Three months of bank statements

3. Last retirement statement (401k, pension, IRA etc)

4. Last two year's of tax returns, W2s and 1099s

5. Driver's License

6. COE if military

7. Are you a First Time Home Buyer

The New House

How Do I Select a Loan Officer?

Any financial transaction where personal information is provided,

the loan officer should be trust worthy, transparent, provide excellent customer service, and communicate well.

A home purchase is a team effort between the buyer, the real estate agent, and loan officer.

For a loan to process quick and efficient, communication is essential between the team

and the borrowers will need to provide information as fast as possible.

Know your lender, do research and feel confident in the lender you select!

It is very important through this whole process that everyone is truthful and the information provided is accurate and honest!


Wooden Windows

Understanding Loan Cost and Seller Credit

It is important that the borrower understands the loan cost and fees and where you can save $$!

As a trusted CPA and prior to becoming a loan officer, in my CPA practice, one of the services that I provided was reviewing their loan estimates and helping them understand the costs and which ones they could save on!

My commitment is to be transparent, for us to work together on saving costs, and provide the best loan cost for your situation!

1. Compare cost - share your loan estimate with me and I can explain how we can save you costs

2. Title Cost - if we are working together, before a borrower submits an offer (or add an addendum if already submitted),

if the address is provided, we can shop around and select a tile agency that provides excellent service and best cost

3. Appraisal - lender submits through AMC (Appraisal Management Company) which is an independent company

that selected state licensed, qualified appraisers to evaluate the property and deliver an appraisal report;

a good idea to include in the offer is a condition if the appraisal comes in lower than the offer, actual cost

4. Credit Report - actual cost

5. Property Insurance - borrow has the option to shop around

my suggestion is to request quotes from 3 insurance agencies and compare

6. Underwriting and Processing Fees

7.  Seller Credits, if negotiated in the sales contract,

are the amount the seller has agreed to contribute to your closing costs.

If the seller has agreed to pay for specific costs rather than contribute a general amount,

those amounts may be listed as “Seller Paid” line items

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